What can I

do for you?


Campaign photography.

Photography is something I really enjoy doing. Creating images with high contrast and deep colours. I have photographed several campaigns for brands such as

MR MARVIS, Nølson and RoyalMen.


Studio photography.

In the studio I'm able to photograph different kinds of styles. For example, photos for your e-commerce platform (modelshots, details and packshots)

or more creative shots for social media advertising, e-mailmarketing or Instagram.

MR MARVIS Creative studio0421.jpg
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Portrait photography.

Photographing people in their true nature is something special to do. Having the privilege to capture who they are and how they feel in that moment is so much more than just taking a photo. It is a resemblance of someone at a particular moment given in one shot.


Film & Editing

I have filmed and edited commercials for social media, television and branding. I have realised projects by myself and in collaboration with other videographers and art directors.


As it is not my main focus, I am still a graduated graphic designer. A skill that also comes in handy when creating online ads and visual compositions. Here is an example of a direct mailing advertisement I designed for MR MARVIS.


Here you'll find some animation examples I made for different kinds of purposes. The animation for Kunstbende is the intro from their 2020 annual national talent show. The animation below is a small part from the animation I have created for the Bisbee. As last a CTA animation for a MR MARVIS.


Photoshop & Retouching

With the tools I use, it is possible to create, fix or change objects in photos. As you can see here, it's possible to add an extra person into a photo. I can also change the colour of your products, fix shapes, remove wrinkles and so much more...


Artem House

In March 2021, I launched a platform where talented photography artists are able to sell their arts online. This platform is called Artem House. My artwork is also available here.